The Rose Colored Forest

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For those who have visited us before, we are changing.  Garth and I have owned this farm for over 20 years, but the drought of 2011 taught us that biodynamic isn't good enough.  We are changing to a permaculture farm.  I have my Permaculture Design Certificate, now, I am over my cancer and the next year will see huge changes on this farm.  Come along on the adventure.

Old Pages Have Disappeared

All the old pages of this website are gone.  But, some will return in a new format, with new pictures and information.  We still have Gulf Coast Sheep, and before it is time for new lambs, I will post pictures of the flock.  We have dairy cows, they too will get all new pictures, so will the rabbits and chickens.  But, taking pictures of everyone takes time, so check back.  Meanwhile, enjoy the new material.

Permaculture Design for the Farm

My final project for my permaculture course was the design for our property, well not all of it, but the front six acres.  The pasture need work as well, and I will post the design for them in a bit.  It is in our head, but not drawn out yet.  And, of course this design has loads of room for improvements and changes, but it is a start.  As we attack each section of the design, I will post pictures of what we are doing and full design information.  And, I do plan on starting my blog again, hopefully to write daily like I did once before.  So, there should be something new on the site, almost daily. 

Installing a Photo Voltaic System

We were really lucky last spring and scored a used photo voltaic system for the farm, so one of our first projects will be getting it installed.  It is actually a hybrid system with two small wind generators, but we would prefer to trade/sell them and put in a single wind generator.  But first, we need a place to install the panels and control units, so the picture gives you an idea of what we are planning. 

Interested in learning more or helping?

While I am going to try to get this site up to speed very quickly, there will always be stuff going on that hasn't yet made it here.  If you want to know more about what we are doing, or you want more information on a project, email us.  Or, if you would like to get involved, we do like visitors that like to pitch in and help.  We do request that all visitors to the farm be fragrance free, since I get sick from fragrances, but if that is too much hassle, I do answer emails.