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A Sustainable Way of Living

Welcome to The Rose Colored Forest.  We are a community oriented farm, welcoming Wwoofers and voluteers to come and learn.  Our aim is to live regeneratively, creating as small a footprint on this Earth as possible.


Being in Texas, this is a real challenge.  Climate change hit us hard, our average rain fall for four years was about half of the norm for the previous fifteen years.  Making life especially hard was that the tropical storms that bring us moisture in the hot summer months disapeared.  These factors are causing us to change the way we do most things here on the farm.  Now we are back in the wet cycle, although we are not as much of a mudpit as we have been at times, the rain is appreciated.

We have been using this wet to start a food forest, that is a real challenge.  So far, we have planted about 1000 fruit and nut trees.  This is keeping me really busy, so the rest of this web site is severely out of date.  The CSA has been dropped for the time being, due to lack of time to grow stuff.  Yes, I have Gulf Coast Lambs for sale and yes, I have Tamworth/wild cross piglets ready to move on.  


I do plan on getting this web site up to date, as soon as I finish my Permaculture Design Certificate.  Running a farm, planting trees and studying is enough for one person.   

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