Grains For Sale

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Every September, we run a grain coop. We bring in bulk grains from Wheat Montana. The prices are wholesale and very good. But that is once a year. What if you need grain now?

We sell the grains by the pound. Oh, not all the stuff Wheat Montana carries, but some of it. This will give new customers a chance to try the grains before they buy a 50 pound bag. We have a small supply of some of the more exotic grains they carry as well, like Kamut. We also carry a few grains from other suppliers, stuff Wheat Montana doesn't carry.

The grains are either certified organic or grown with pesticide and herbicide free.

Here are the prices, they include delivery to Huntsville on Sundays.

Wheat:                                                                               Price per Pound

Organic Bronze Chief, hard red winter                                      $1.00

Organic Prairie Gold, hard white winter                                     $1.10

Soft white winter                                                                   $1.25

Spelt , gluten free                                                                $1.75


Wheat Bran                                                                         $1.10

Golden Flax seed                                                                $1.60

Organic Rye                                                                       $2.00

Organic brown, long grain rice                                              $2.50

Organic brown, short grain rice                                             $2.50

Whole 7 grain mix                                                             $2.50

Hard red wheat, Oats, Rye, Triticale, Soft White Wheat,

Barley and Spelt.

11 bean soup mix                                                            $3.25

For more information, please contact us at: